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Re: emacs 23 term behaviour on OS X

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: emacs 23 term behaviour on OS X
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2008 18:32:07 +0200

Am 08.08.2008 um 14:52 schrieb nakkaya: and GNU Emacs 23, the X client, run fine in Terminal of
Tiger. Could be Leopard is much buggier.

i am trying to do the reverse run terminal inside emacs.

I'd say, this isn't sane. Could be you want to express something different, running M-x shell RET or M-x term RET or M-x eshell RET. The first one runs very fine – at least with tcsh! To accommodate bash and *shell* buffer you can use the file ~/.emacs_bash. Both Emacs and bash have their own concepts of history and file name and command name completion – and it's better only one does the job! (I.e., rather basic bash, IMO.) Term and Eshell are a bit different and maybe provided for folks that are even older than me ...

Anyway, if errors happen when you launch with -Q, either in Aqua or in some terminal emulation, and you have a good proof that it's, that is malfunctioning, you should report this as a bug (see Help menu).



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