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rename existing *shell* to *MYshell.txt. Now, how making "C-x s" SAVE i

From: David Combs
Subject: rename existing *shell* to *MYshell.txt. Now, how making "C-x s" SAVE it?
Date: 29 Jun 2008 01:18:39 -0400

So I have this existing *shell* that I've been working with,
and it belatedly turns out that I want it to "also live
as a disk file" -- to be a physical record of what I've
been doing (in *that* shell).

So I M-x rename-buffer it to MYshell.txt.

Question: now, how to "bind" it to a disk file of the
same name?

Or if not that (

     bind implying that by some magic that
     whatever chars appear in *shell* (Well, MYshell.txt buffer)
     automatically appears in the disk file too, maybe

    ), then where all I need to do is C-x s and the disk-file
gets updated.




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