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RE: updating emacs wiki libraries

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: updating emacs wiki libraries
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2008 10:03:13 -0700

> I was browsing the emacs wiki website and noticed that one of the
> libraries I frequently use (info + by Drew Adams) has been updated. I
> wondered if there was some code floating around that would allow emacs
> to check for newer versions of .el files in my load path that are not
> part of emacs officially?
> I am relatively new to emacs and try to avoid outside libraries but
> there is so much cool stuff on the wiki. I wonder if a bash script is
> enough to check for a new version of something from time to time or
> there is simpler way to coax emacs to do this?

Hi Peter,

I don't know of any such code, in general.

One problem is to be able to compare the version/date of a copy on the Web with
that of your local copy. And different libraries use different means to indicate
the version/date - my libraries use an `Update #', for instance.

FWIW, for Icicles, you can retrieve the libraries in bulk:

You can perhaps modify one of those scripts to retrieve other libraries you are
interested in.

You can also follow my library updates (manually) using this link (from my home
page on the wiki):;rcuseronly=DrewAdams;match=%5C.%

More generally, on the wiki RecentChanges page, you can filter for file type,
date, major/minor updates, and so on. See (1) the choices (links) just after the
page title and (2) the Filters section near the page bottom.


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