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Re: Xterm and Readline (was: select large text with mouse)

From: imputerate
Subject: Re: Xterm and Readline (was: select large text with mouse)
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 22:39:37 -0700 (PDT)
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> imputerate promised to:
> >> plow through the .Xresources,
> > > .Xdefaults configurations for xterm and emacs;
> joel replied:
> > X resources are not the only way to configure the Emacs display,
> > although they are the best I've found for setting the default face and
> > background.  Same goes in xterm: it's much better than putting "-fg
> > white -bg black -geometry..." in every desktop icon or making it an
> > alias.
> imputerate writes:
> yes; i think so too; i have only face and background for xterm and
> emacs in .Xresources, but i wonder if .Xdefaults is also sourced by
> some of xterm/bash, anyway for root.
> can someone direct me to a discussion of the priorities which obtain
> among all these config files; for, example, i understand from several
> posts here and there that .Xresources preempts .emacs; thanks,
> imputerate

update from imputerate:
 i just set, in .Xresources, a distinctive face for both emacs and
xterm. the face showed up in emacs, buy NOT in the xterm/bash window;
does that say something about who's telling  whom what to do? imp.

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