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Re: select large text with mouse

From: imputerate
Subject: Re: select large text with mouse
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 14:18:44 -0700 (PDT)
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>  first i want to fix it so i use only the bash shell and only the
> xterm
> terminal emulator, no matter which defaults are set for the os or
> window
> manager i'm dealing with;

>  i'll log my progress with each step in the next couple of days;
> thanks
> again,imputerate

o.k. already i've run into problems;

i have fixed the alias lines in my various .bashrc's so emacs no
loads emacs -nw in a terminal emulator;

as joel suggested i have shunted aside ubuntu's 'gnometerm' and
slackware's KDE konsole, in favor of xterm ("the one and only"):
  1. assigned xterm to convenient keyboard shortcut keys;
  2. placed icons on the workspace to load gnometerm and konsole, in
case that's ever necessary;

 bash is already the default shell in both cases, so now i have
xterm/bash as the setting for gui emacs, 'guimacs' [not Xemacs];

 BUT bash in xterm is not sourcing readline, on the ubuntu box, the
it did when gnometerm was the terminal emulator

[btw on the slackware box, it does];

this is  a problem:
  i have essential emacs keymappings in readline's config file, so
they will work on the bash command line; here are the relevant lines
from ~/.bashrc, and ~/.bash_profile:
   export INPUTRC=/etc/inputrc
   export INPUTRC=/home/hodgson/.inputrc

since i have these lines in both .bashrc and .bash_profile, they
work no matter how xterm invokes bash [i.e., as an interactive shell
(login or normal), or even non-interactive shell]; or so i understand;

SO, how do i get bash in xterm to behave the way bash in 'gnometerm'
did, i.e. so that i have my readline customizations on the command
in the bash shell?

i'll surely be back soon, as i plow through
the .Xresources, .Xdefaults
configurations for xterm and emacs;

should we start a new thread?


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