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Re: kgdb in emacs

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: kgdb in emacs
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 09:40:16 +1300

 > Sanjeev: I'm using emacs graphical. I see
 > now what you meant by gdb-many-windows
 > (locals and breakpoints and stackframes).
 > and I dont think its got anything to do with
 > source code display, eg in my case even
 > after the new break enters the old source code is displayed in the 
 > multi-window mode.
 > and when I do a "n" the current source where the break
 > hit was displayed. and like in other emacs instances
 > after the "n" when I do a "f" I get the source
 > opened in a seperate window if it is not already
 > opened.

By break do you mean breakpoint?  (there should be a red bullet in the
fringe by breakpoints).  If so, how does the breakpoint get set?  I'm not
sure what you are saying here.  Sometimes if the source is already in another
window and execution goes there GUD will display in that window and not the
dedicated source buffer.

To generate a log of the transactions between kgdb and Emacs can you please
do the following:

1) Set gdb-enable-debug to t using M-x set-variable.
2) Do M-x gdb and start kgdb with the arguments you are using (and tell me
   what they are).
3) Type 'n' or 's' to get the source buffer to display.
4) Post the value of gdb-debug-log to me (it may be large and is not of
   interest to the list).

 > But I think like you said the marker ^Z^Z is 
 > missing, I dont want to step everytime I
 > jump into gdb to see where I am in the code.
 > Any way to get this working ? I tried doing a 
 > ^Z^Z on the emacs window and it minimized  on the first ^Z :). Doesnt want
 > me to use it anymore.

The ^Z^Z markers that GDB outputs are characters that are processed by the
process-filter and are not related to ^Z typed from the keyboard which is
bound to the command suspend-frame.


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