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Re: kgdb in emacs

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: kgdb in emacs
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2008 22:23:51 +1300

 > Thank you very much Nick, Your clue of emacs version prompted me
 > to upgrade my emacs. after which I'm able to do it.

I guess you mean Emacs now parses your command line now.

But presumably you still get *gud-cuad0* in the mode-line of the GUD

 > BTW,  my earlier emacs version was 21.2.4 and now it is
 > One more question: I'm still not able to open the file another emacs
 > window. I thought this was supposed happen automatically. In other
 > instances of emacs ( like when debugging apps ) the source code file
 > opens automatically in another emacs window ( vertical split style).

I have some more thoughts but you need to answer my questions for good

Does kgdb work like gdb?
Is "target remote  /dev/cuad0" a valid kgdb command?

 > Even if it doesn't, when I enter "f" it opens up automatically.

For the source to appear gdb/kgdb must output annotations.  In gdb, this
requires "--fullname" or "-annotate=1" for text mode and "-annotate=3"
for graphical mode.  In Emacs 21 "--fullname" was used but was not visible
to the user.

In Emacs 22, running an app like this:

  Run gdb (like this): gdb myprog

won't display the source, but:

  Run gdb (like this): gdb -annotate=3 myprog

will.  Likewise, I suspect

  Run gdb ( like this ) : kgdb -r /dev/cuad0 kernel.debug

won't display the source, but:

  Run gdb ( like this ) : kgdb -a -a -a -r /dev/cuad0 kernel.debug


 > One possibility is, though i changed the emacs current directory
 > to /usr/obj/usr/src/sys/MYKERNEL/ , the -r /dev/cuad0 option would have
 > changed the default directory, as evident in the file line when a gud
 > window is opened:
 > Current directory is /dev/
 > :(

You really want to find another way of specifying the arguments along the lines
that I suggested, so that the directory doesn't change and you get
*gud-kernel.debug* in the mode-line of the GUD buffer.  However, I think
another way to stop the current directory from changing is to set
gud-chdir-before-run to nil.

One last thing, if you do get it to work well, please e-mail me what you
have learnt so that I can add it to my homepage.



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