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Re: move to line beginning without 'Ctrl+A'

From: Barry Margolin
Subject: Re: move to line beginning without 'Ctrl+A'
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 20:49:30 GMT

people from their sins, as indeed do Isaiah and others, the ambiguity is
removed, and the double meaning of enemies is reduced to the simple meaning
of iniquities. For if he had sins in his mind, he could well denote them as
enemies; but if he thought of enemies, he could not designate them as

Now Moses, David, and Isaiah used the same terms. Who will say, then, that
they have not the same meaning and that David's meaning, which is plainly
iniquities when he spoke of enemies, was not the same as that of Moses when
speaking of enemies?

Daniel (ix) prays for the deliverance of the people from the captivity of
their enemies. But he was thinking of sins, and, to show this, he says that
Gabriel came to tell him that his prayer was heard, and that there were only
seventy weeks to wait, after which the people would be freed from iniquity,
sin would have an end, and the Redeemer, the Holy of Holies, would bring
eternal justice, not legal, but eternal.

                         SECTION XI: THE PROPHECIES

693. When I see the blindness and the wretchedness of man, when I regard the
whole silent universe and man without light, left to himself and, a

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