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Re: Encoding of latex files

From: Alain Muls
Subject: Re: Encoding of latex files
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 21:50:58 GMT


Saint John was to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and Jesus
Christ to plant division. There is not contradiction.

777. The effects in communi and in particulari. The semi-Pelagians err in
saying of in communi what is true only in particulari; and the Calvinists in
saying in particulari what is true in communi. (Such is my opinion.)

778. Omnis Judaea regio, et Jerosolmymi universi, et baptizabantur.173
Because of all the conditions of men who came there.

>From these stones there can come children unto Abraham.

779. If men knew themselves, God would heal and pardon them. Ne convertantur
et sanem eos, et dimittantur eis peccata.174

780. Jesus Christ never condemned without hearing. To Judas: Amice, ad guid
venisti?[175] To him that had not on the wedding garment, the same.

781. The types of the completeness of the Redemption, as that the sun gives
light to all, indicate only completeness; but the types of exclusions, as of
the Jews elected to the exclusion of the Gentiles, indicate exclusion.

"Jesus Christ the Redeemer of all." Yes, for He has offered, like a man who
has ransomed all those who were willing to come to Him. If any die on the
way, it is their misfortune; but, so far as He was concerned, He offered
them redemption. That holds good in this example, where he who ransoms and
he who prevents death are two persons, but not of Jesus Christ, who does
both these things. No, for Jesus Christ, in the quality of Redeemer, is not
perhaps Master of all; and thus, in so far as it is in Him, He is the
Redeemer of all.


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