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Re: Exception dates in diary?

From: Edward M. Reingold
Subject: Re: Exception dates in diary?
Date: 21 Jan 2008 11:00:55 -0600
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>>>>> "RAL" == Ross A Laird <> writes:

    RAL> Yes, I have seen this and other more complex options based on holiday
    RAL> dates. But I'm in Canada, and the holidays are sometimes different,
    RAL> so I need some way of specifying exact dates for exception. Also my
    RAL> calendar shows me some holidays I don't even recognize...  Oh well, I
    RAL> suppose I can just do it manually.  Thanks for the input.

You can easily redefine the holidays to reflect your locale--no need to see
lots of meaningless US holidays (the default) just redefine the variable
general-holidays.  See the docs for details.


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