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Re: fold commented lines

From: reader
Subject: Re: fold commented lines
Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2008 12:47:05 -0600
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Tom Rauchenwald <> writes:

>> An I (index) search in the manual finds a number of hits on folding
>> but they appear to be either about outline mode or something to do
>> with various searches.
>> Can anyone guide me to the right information?
> Maybe hs-minor-mode is what you are looking for?

Somehow I missed your post... thanks for the tip.

Looking at that mode and loading it, as well as in the emacs manual
page about hs-minor-mode.  I'm not seeing how to hide all comments and
still edit.

There are a number of commands involving comments.. like:

But doesn't appear to be available at M-x nor does it sound like what
I want anyway.  I'd like to hide comments only or something similar.

Things that are available at M-x .. like:

Appear not to do anything at all when a region is selected, for
example in /usr/src/linux/.config   where there are lots of commented

In fact it seems to be more involved with making stuff between parens
disappear that it is about comments.

I'm probably completely missing the boat here.

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