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Re: PovRay Mode will not work??

From: weber
Subject: Re: PovRay Mode will not work??
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 02:55:26 -0000
User-agent: G2/1.0

On Jun 23, 3:23 pm, Christian Herenz <address@hidden>
> Hi,
> I want do create some PovRay Files with emacs, so I found a major mode
> for it:
> It will not work :(
> I always get the error (when M-x pov-mode)
> "Symbol's value as variable is void: data-directory-list", I also get
> that, when I eval the buffer with pov-mode.el :(
> What is wrong here? Maybe tthis mode is incompatible with emacs 22.1.1 ??
> Do you know other modes for editing POV files?
> Greetz,
> Christian

I had the same problem and found a simpler mode that worked for me.
Here it is:

Also, this function below saves me a lot of time:

(defun pov-render-this-file ()
  "Render current file on povray and display results."
  (let ((my-buf (current-buffer)))
        (shell-command (concat "povray +W1024 +H768 +X +A0.1 +R4 +P " (buffer-
        (switch-to-buffer my-buf)
  (message "Image rendered."))

I force saving the current buffer so I don't accidentally render an
old version because I forgot saving, and also have a couple lines so
that the "Shell Command Output" buffer is not displayed (that was
bothering me, ideally it would show only when there were errors).
The only line that matters is the shell-command, of course...


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