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Re: Highlight new lines

From: Cecil Westerhof
Subject: Re: Highlight new lines
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 14:41:52 +0200
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Daniel Jensen wrote:
>>> I don't know how you did it. There is one way with C-x 8 SPC,
>> I tried that, but this 'hangs' Emacs. I need C-g to quit to get back to
>> get Emacs responding again.
> I have no idea what that's about. If it is a proper freeze, you can try
> to debug it. Use M-x toggle-debug-on-quit, then C-g will get you a
> backtrace from the place that causes the hang. 

This only gives:
        Debugger entered--Lisp error: (quit)
Well it is not very important. I do not use it at the moment.

> I'd upgrade to Emacs 22 and see if it works there.

I'll look into that one of these day.

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