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RE: find certain files

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: find certain files
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 13:54:28 -0700

> Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I had a hard time using S-TAB:
> do I need to install Icicles?

Not sure what you mean.
No one _needs_ to install Icicles.

For your question, as Eli pointed out, you can use Dired. I thought you were
specifically looking for a solution involving `C-x C-f', but if you want to
use `RET' or `mouse-2' in Dired, it will do what you need here. You can also
use `%m' in Dired to mark files that match a regexp, in case you want to act
on a group of SAS files.

Do you mean that you have trouble typing the key sequence `S-TAB'? If you
want to use Icicles, but you don't like using `S-TAB', then you can use a
different key.

BTW, "installing" Icicles means only 1) downloading the files, 2) putting
them in your Emacs `load-path', 3) loading library `icicles', and 4) turning
on Icicle mode. You can do #2-4 in your .emacs file. You do #3-4 this way:
(require 'icicles)(icy-mode 1).

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