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RE: find certain files

From: econfreerider
Subject: RE: find certain files
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 13:37:41 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Drew,

Thanks a lot for the suggestions.  I had a hard time using S-TAB: do I need
to install Icicles?

Thanks again.

Drew Adams wrote:
>> I use Ctrl-f to find files in a directory, but...I want to
>> limit it to certain files...for example, only sas files, *.sas.
>> If if do Ctrl-f /projects/a/*.sas, it will open all the sas files.
>> I want to do Ctrl-f /projects/a/, and only display .sas files,
>> so I can choose one.  How do I do that?
> Use Icicles apropos completion:
> C-x C-f \.sas$ S-TAB, if the current directory is /projects/a, or
> C-x C-f /projects/a/.*\.sas$ S-TAB, otherwise.
> You match the file extension using the regular expression `\.sas$'. You
> need
> to escape the `.' preceding the `sas' file-extension with a backslash, or
> else it will match any character (except a newline) - as in the `.*',
> which
> matches any character any number of times. The `$' matches the end of the
> file name.
> When the list of matching file-name candidates is displayed, click
> `mouse-2'
> on the one you want. If you want to open multiple files, click `C-mouse-2'
> on each one you want.
> You can also cycle through the matching candidates with the `next' key,
> and
> use `RET' to choose the current one (or `C-RET' to choose more than one).
> You can also type a more specific match pattern, to match only certain SAS
> files.
> For example, `C-x C-f foo.*bar\.sas$ S-TAB' matches file names that start
> with `foo', contain also `bar', and end with `.sas'.
> You can also save a set of completions - for example, if you often use the
> same set of project files. Just use `C-M->' to save the current matches in
> a
> variable, or `C-u C-M->' to save them persistently in a cache file. Later,
> when you want to retrieve them for completion with `C-x C-f', use `C-M-<'
> (retrieve from a variable) or `C-u C-M-<' (retrieve from a cache file).
> You
> are prompted for the cache file name. You can have any number of variables
> or files that hold completion sets.
> doc
> about
> apropos completion
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