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Re: Recommend default font for emacs 21.4.1 on linux

From: Ken Goldman
Subject: Re: Recommend default font for emacs 21.4.1 on linux
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2007 17:25:15 -0400
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I personally like Lucida console bold, but everyone has their preference. I agree that a fixed width font is preferable for code portability.

I limit my lines to ~100 characters so I can put two windows side by side. If you have very wide lines, perhaps the issue is your coding style. As with newspapers, narrower columns will be easier for your maintainer to read.

Rustom Mody wrote:
How do you folk manage editing code?

I find that with a fixed width font (courier) I run out of screen space
And with a proportional font the indentation gets messed up because the default space-width is too narrow.

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