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Re: keyboard macro create function from list

From: Peter Lee
Subject: Re: keyboard macro create function from list
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2007 19:33:26 GMT
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>>>> Patrick Drechsler writes:

    > So, any ideas for accomplishing this more efficiently (using a current
    > Emacs version) are more than welcome ;-)

You could use a regexp...

(defun name-me ()
  (when mark-active
    (replace-regexp "myvar_\\(.*\\) *" "m_\\1.SetBounds(0, 0, m_\\1.Width, 
m_\\1.Height)\nm_\\1.Show()\nSplitContainer.Panel2.Controls.Add(m_\\1)\n" nil 
(region-beginning) (region-end))

Paste your var declarations..


Select them in a region... and run M-x name-me

You could probably use templates/skeletons for this as well.

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