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C++ browser for overloaded methods

From: Abanowicz Tomasz
Subject: C++ browser for overloaded methods
Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2007 05:02:36 -0700
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I'm looking for C++ code browser that can do the following.
Assume the following code:

class Human
  void show(void) { cout << "It's me"; }
  void show(int age) { cout << "I'm " << age << " years old"; }

class Animal
  void show(void) { cout << "This is animal"; }
  void show (int age) { cout "It is " << age << " years old"; }

int main (void)
  Human Adam;
  Animal Bambi;;;;;

I would like to jump to the function with one command.
I place the cursor on Bambi.<show>(3) and perform such a command.

Do you know any code browsers that can do that ?

I tried etags and ebrowse but both of them jump to Human::show(void)
ctags from vim gives the list of all show(...) functions and allows me
to manually choose the proper one.
It is much better than blindly jumping to the Human::show(...).

Does emacs allow more intelligent C++ browsing that solves the above
problem ?
What is the name of such a tools ?

Thank You for help.

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