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Re: Settings in c-offsets-alist ignored ?

From: Alexey Pustyntsev
Subject: Re: Settings in c-offsets-alist ignored ?
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2007 00:04:47 +1100
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Markus Grunwald <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello,
> I'm using xemacs for years and now I got curious about gnu emacs. I've
> already "ported" most of my usual settings, but the cc-mode indentation
> doesn't work.
> When editing C++ files (I suspect in cc-mode, the modeline shows "C++" )
> the indentation is not as I like it. So I change c-offsets-alist via the
> customisation menu but nothing happens. Is there any special setting that
> enables custom offsets or what am I missing ? 
> I'm using emacs 21.4a+1-3 from debian stable.
> Thanks for any help ! If this works good, I might convert ;)
> cu
> Markus
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> help-gnu-emacs mailing list
> address@hidden


What kind of indentation you wish to set? Could you be more specific
about it? I may be wrong but I think you should try different C
styles first. Go to a customization buffer for C-like languages (M-x
customize-group, then enter "C") and play with "C Default Style".
For instance, I have set "java" for "Java" and "stroustrup" for
Anyway, a concrete example of your code would be helpful to us. 


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