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Re: CPU maxed out when idling under windows with 22.1

From: Rémi Delmas
Subject: Re: CPU maxed out when idling under windows with 22.1
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2007 20:35:15 +0200
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Thanks Chris, I'll try that, after some trial and error I located the problem in the cedet/ECB extension :)
Chris McMahan wrote:

I had the same issue with a prerelease, and it turned out to be the
semantic package. I fixed it with the following line, which basically
turns off the offending process:

; prevent semantic from maxing out the cpu (setq semantic-idle-scheduler-idle-time 432000)

- Chris

address@hidden writes:

Hi everybody!

I've been using emacs win32 for the last two years without
major problems.

I switched to 22.1 win32 stable this morning, and I have the
following problem : emacs eats 99% CPU when idling, with just two or
three files opened in c-mode.

Is there something I can do to solve this problem on my own or does
it look like a bug?

Thanks for your help,


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