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Re: *** The most profound and the most fragrant words ***

From: Muhammad
Subject: Re: *** The most profound and the most fragrant words ***
Date: 10 Mar 2007 01:41:54 -0800
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On Mar 9, 9:10 pm, address@hidden wrote:
> The most profound and some of the most morally fragrant words by the
> True jewish rabbis of the neturei karta ... please
> for more information
> When the fear of the Almighty is Absent All Becomes Permitted
> including adulteries, 911 controlled demolitions and mass
> murders .....
> .......................................................
> When the fear of the Almighty is Absent All Becomes Permitted
> A Neturei Karta Statement on the Parade and Demonstration in Favor of
> Moral Abominations in Jerusalem
> November 9, 2006
> The Glory of Mercy of the Almighty fills the universe. He is the
> center of existence and of the lives of all men. We are summoned to
> serve Him and obey His law in a spirit of joy and gratitude.
> If this is done, all will be well. It will be well for us as
> individuals and  as members of groups and nations and peoples.
> The rejection of Divine Law and its good and just norms can only yield
> tragedy.
> Today in the Holy Land in the holy city of Jerusalem just such a
> sorrowful tragedy is being played out. A march is planned that will
> advance the absurd and evil notion that the most basic elements of
> Divine moral law, accepted by all nations down through the ages, are a
> source, not of peace and blessing but of "oppression," G-d forbid.
> The public acceptance and assent to perversion as a "legitimate" way
> of life is cruel and barbaric. It wars against the very decency that
> lies at the root of life's spiritual and material bounty, purity and
> happiness.
> Thousands of Jews and many others have taken to the streets of
> Jerusalem to protest this planned desecration.
> But at root the desecration is a symptom of far greater evils. It is a
> symptom of all the materialist rejections of the Divine that have
> plagued our people over the last two centuries. This rejection has
> spawned the evil of Zionism with its rejection of the Divine plan of
> exile and redemption and its cruelty and arrogance towards other
> nations.
> Without the light and true kindness of Torah there will be, Heaven
> forbid, rebellion and cruelty and, yes, perversion.
> With humility and compassion in our hearts we humbly pray that those
> Jews and all people ensnared by these evils should repent and realize
> that they are the victims of pernicious propaganda. When returning to
> Torah and the Divine plan they will find that which they seek, truth
> and beauty, family and empathy and then and, only then, will they be
> able to be truly gay, in the real sense of the word. May the Almighty
> grant that it be so, speedily in our days.

Amen to everything including the 9/11 remarks. Let us all pray that
the evil forces behind the 9/11 attack are exposed and brought to
justice. Some folks talk about a news item that mentions some Israelis
were dancing with joy as the towers fell. I firmly believe that the
original unadulterated Torah, even the one written by Ezra (may peace
be upon him)can bring peace, tranquility, and chastity to the world.

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