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Re: keyboard for emacs?

From: Ryo
Subject: Re: keyboard for emacs?
Date: 26 Dec 2006 18:56:48 -0800
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Ronald wrote:
> Is today's keyboard suitable for using emacs?
> I saw an old one today on
> The layout is more suitable for vi and emacs.
> I doubt today's popular keyboard layouts is not mainly for programmers,
> especially UNIX programmers.
> Any good idea?

I'm not sure if I understand your problem correctly, but . . .
1) I think that the most common English keyboards which come with
 DOS/V PCs are annoying if used with vi and emacs because the
 ESC key is far above and the Ctrl key is far below.
2) There are keyboards with the Ctrl key to the left of the
 "A" key and the ESC key to the left of the "1/!" key,
 such as the one I use (Happy Hacking Keyboard).
3) It is possible to change key-layouts "software-wise".
 For example, when I have to use the annoying PC keyboard,
 I exchange Ctrl with Caps.  I don't physically replace the
 plastic pieces, but install a piece of software or make a
 software arrangement so that the physical Caps key functions
 as a Ctrl key.


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