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Re: keyboard for emacs?

From: B. Smith-Mannschott
Subject: Re: keyboard for emacs?
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006 17:51:21 +0100

On Dec 27, 2006, at 03:32, Ronald wrote:

Is today's keyboard suitable for using emacs?

The best keyboard I've found for using emacs has to be my kinesis contoured keyboard [1].


This is primarily because control and alt (meta) are located within easy reach of my thumbs (along with space, delete, backspace, enter ...) and a few other keys. I have the two primary emacs modifiers (control, meta) in easy reach of both hands. No need to hunt for that pesky escape key.

That said, I can work with a happy hacking keyboard comfortably because the control key is just next to the A, and I've remapped my macbook's caps lock key to function as a second control key. That's also satisfactory.

It would be very different (i.e. craptastic) if I were unable to remap control, particularly since the macbook has an [fn] key in the corner where one might expect to find control.

// ben

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