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Re: Regex expression

From: bcochofel
Subject: Re: Regex expression
Date: 22 Dec 2006 04:57:33 -0800
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I'm using C-M-s with that syntax.

rgb wrote:

> bcochofel wrote:
> > I'm trying to match the beginning of all lines that have tab|space
> > chars and I'm using this:
> >
> > ^[ \t]*
> >
> > But [ \t]* doesn't match spaces or tabs, matchs spaces and letter t...
> > Am I missing something?
> Depends on if you're typing in the regexp interactively or
> coding a routine to be loaded.  In a file, you're above syntax
> should work.
> If you're responding to an interactive prompt then you don't
> use \t syntax (nor do you need to double \\ when
> you want to search for \).  Use C-q C-i or C-q C-TAB to insert an
> actual tab character.

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