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Re: Regex expression

From: rgb
Subject: Re: Regex expression
Date: 22 Dec 2006 04:48:48 -0800
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bcochofel wrote:
> I'm trying to match the beginning of all lines that have tab|space
> chars and I'm using this:
> ^[ \t]*
> But [ \t]* doesn't match spaces or tabs, matchs spaces and letter t...
> Am I missing something?

Depends on if you're typing in the regexp interactively or
coding a routine to be loaded.  In a file, you're above syntax
should work.
If you're responding to an interactive prompt then you don't
use \t syntax (nor do you need to double \\ when
you want to search for \).  Use C-q C-i or C-q C-TAB to insert an
actual tab character.

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