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Re: Building a database interface in Emacs

From: aartist
Subject: Re: Building a database interface in Emacs
Date: 20 Dec 2006 07:42:48 -0800
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You might want to look at Widget and Skeleton.
M-x Customize-browse is one classic example, you might want to follow.

C-h i m widget
Mathias Dahl wrote:
> I have been looking into using Emacs for doing queries etc against an
> Oracle database, for certain work purposes. I use the nice functions
> in sql.el (M-x sql-oracle in my case) for doing ad-hoc queries and
> such, but I want to build some small forms or similar to process
> certain data, with the intent of replacing some of the boring and
> heavy GUI apps we have.
> At first I just want to see if it is possible to do, by making up some
> simple form to browse records or similar.
> What would be the best approach for doing this? First I tried adding
> something on top of sql.el and comint.el but it seemed overkill as I
> am not interested in a command line interface. My current plan is to
> use `start-process' to start sqlplus in a process, and to send input
> and parse the output I get back from that process.
> Is there any smarter way of doing it?
> I want to do this on w32, btw.
> /Mathias

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