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Re: Dired vs MC

From: Dieter Wilhelm
Subject: Re: Dired vs MC
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 15:10:55 +0100
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"bcochofel" <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm used to use mc (midnight commander) to manage my files because of
> the 2 collum option. Recently I've changed to dired and I'm satisfied
> with the option (setq dired-dwim-target t)...


> What I want to know is:
> Can I use one buffer of dired to access a ssh path?

I think so,  I just use it with for an ftp connection. This means I
type "C-x 4 d" and then


where my METHOD is ftp but it should work also with ssh.

> I really use this a lot under mc but if I can do this under emacs I'll
> be very happy...

Yeah, it would be perfect when dired had an option for updating files
and not only overwriting stuff.

    Best wishes

    H. Dieter Wilhelm
    Darmstadt, Germany

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