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Re: I feel strange after several days of using emacs

From: Robert Thorpe
Subject: Re: I feel strange after several days of using emacs
Date: 11 Dec 2006 11:50:35 -0800
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Ronald wrote:
> When I edit in a editor other than emacs, I will typed the hotkeys in
> emacs automatically. For example, when I'm write this email in
> thunderbird, I typed C-b C-j etc. Then I will think to choose to write
> email in emacs, and at last do everything that need editing in emacs, or
> typing mistake occurs time by time.

I do that from time to time.

If the keys annoy you then you can either change other program to use
Emacs keys, or change Emacs to use CUA keys.  Others have mentioned
how.  This is only a partial solution, since Emacs maps more keys than
other programs do.  Eventually you have to get used to it or make do
with forgetting about the other useful keys.

> But emacs can't do everything
> properly. So I'm thinking whether I should quit. But vim has the same
> problem, and others are not so convenient for programming... It's hard
> to choose. Who can give me any suggestion?

Firstly, pick which bits of Emacs you use.  Some of them may not meet
your needs, but using Emacs does not mean you have to use all of it.

Ultimately it is a trade-off.  Learn the keys used inside Emacs and you
become more proficient inside Emacs.  Sometimes you try to use them
outside Emacs and they don't work, this is the downside.  For me it
happens infrequently enough not to be an issue.

The same is true, not only of Vim, but of any reasonably sophisticated
Editor.  Eclipse is the same for example.

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