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Re: I feel strange after several days of using emacs

From: Ronald
Subject: Re: I feel strange after several days of using emacs
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 06:49:30 +0800
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David Kastrup wrote:
Ronald <address@hidden> writes:

When I edit in a editor other than emacs, I will typed the hotkeys in
emacs automatically. For example, when I'm write this email in
thunderbird, I typed C-b C-j etc. Then I will think to choose to write
email in emacs, and at last do everything that need editing in emacs,
or typing mistake occurs time by time. But emacs can't do everything
properly. So I'm thinking whether I should quit. But vim has the same
problem, and others are not so convenient for programming... It's hard
to choose. Who can give me any suggestion?

M-! gconf-editor RET

Navigate to


double-click on

and set it to the value

and press

Voila: most GTK applications will have Emacs keybindings.

No such thing for vi lovers, I am afraid.

Well, hotkeys will conflict, for example Alt-  will popup the menu.

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