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Re: vim's jumplist equivalent in emacs?

From: Robert Thorpe
Subject: Re: vim's jumplist equivalent in emacs?
Date: 7 Dec 2006 05:02:35 -0800
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Thomas wrote:
> In vim, some kind of user actions like text search, tag search or
> opening new file are regarded as 'jump action'. Every position, whether
> it's in one buffer or in another,  before/after those jumps are
> automatically recorded in 'jump list', so you can navigate
> forward/backward the postions using Ctrl+O / Ctrl+I. May I find a
> similar job done for emacs?

Emacs has no jump list unfortunately.  Almost every operation will set
the mark though, as Mathias said.

If you do a search you can get back to where you were using C-u C-spc.
There are other useful operations.  If you find a tag with M-. then C-u
C-spc will return you to where you were.  Though in Emacs C-u C-spc
will not return you to where you were when opening a file.

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