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Re: Q: How did _YOU_ learn Elisp?

From: Mirko
Subject: Re: Q: How did _YOU_ learn Elisp?
Date: 1 Dec 2006 05:45:34 -0800
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Passer By wrote:
> just wondering.

I use the O'Reilly book Writing GNU Emacs Extensions by Bob Glickstein.
 There is also an info manual on introduction with elisp which is
excellent.  The elisp manual itself is also quite good, although
sometimes I wish it had more examples (but how can I complain if it is

When I get stuck I ask my question on this group, and almost always
(except for my last post on grep, cygwin, and emacs) receive useful
(sometimes highly compressed - but those make you think and look into
the docs, and are thus also helpful) answers.

I also read somewhere that learning lips helps the programming style in
other languages.  I think that may actually be correct, although the
experiment is still in progress.  Still, I like (e)lisp.


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