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Re: Q: How did _YOU_ learn Elisp?

From: Florian Kaufmann
Subject: Re: Q: How did _YOU_ learn Elisp?
Date: 1 Dec 2006 03:47:55 -0800
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I am also currently learning it. On there is the "Programming in
Emacs Lisp, an Introduction (emacs-lisp-intro)" and the "XEmacs Lisp
Reference Manual (lispref)". I read parts of the first document. I also
read the internal document a lot. C-h i and then browse to lispref. I
try the examples which you will find there. Then I try to implement
some little defuns I think which help me in my daily work, and so learn
elisp by doing. Currently code from other people still looks quite
complicated to me, but I am starting to understand it and can learn
from it. And for learning in general, it always helps me to write
resumes about what I learned. This way I can write down the information
in a way which fits my thinking patterns, and I only write down the
information that is important to me. 



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