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Re: Emacs does not work with new Dell Display

From: Robert Thorpe
Subject: Re: Emacs does not work with new Dell Display
Date: 14 Nov 2006 06:43:16 -0800
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Tim X wrote:
> "Johs" <address@hidden> writes:
> > I have just changed to a Dell 2007 WFP 20" widescreen display, but when I
> > try to open emacs in Ubuntu it looks like this:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > I have tried to remove my .emacs file but it does not help. Is emacs limited
> > to work with certain displays?
> >
> >
> If your running under X, I doubt it is a problem with emacs not being
> able to display on a wide screen as I think from the emacs
> perspective, it is unaware of that level of physical information (i.e.
> this type of issue is handled by the X server).
> The square boxes are usually a sign emacs is having trouble finding
> the right fonts. Try other fonts and see if you get a similar problem.
> FWIW I'm running a 24 inch Dell wide screen with absolutely no
> problems with either emacs 21 or emacs 22. I'm running under Debian -
> in fact, I have this configuration on two different systems (at home
> and at work) with two different video cards (one intel, one ati) and
> previously had it working with a gforce2. I've used various different
> fonts - courier, lucidatypwriter, fixed etc. On one system, I'm
> running a font server, but on the other I'm just running with a
> fontpath in the xorg.conf file.

This problem is the interaction of Emacs and config.  It can
affect Debian and Ubuntu.  See the Debian bug and the Ubuntu
There has been quite a lot of discussion about where to best fix it.
See the threads for details.

It affects every part of X on the relevant distributions.  Type
"xfontsel" to see what I mean.
The problem is fonts used to be in /usr/share/X11/fonts/ now they are
in /usr/share/fonts/X11/, the config file xorg.conf was not updated to
reflect this change.

Dave Love wrote a patch to fix it:

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