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find-file change between emacs 21 and emacs 22

From: Perry Smith
Subject: find-file change between emacs 21 and emacs 22
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 17:22:46 -0600

In emacs 21 (what I'm use to), ^X-^F would put in the minibuffer the directory path with a final / on the end.  Simply hitting return would re-read the file.  If you wanted to read the directory, you would backspace and erase the / and then hit return.

In emacs 22, simply hitting return after the ^X-^F reads in the directory.  That confuses me a lot.  I'm simply not use to it.

Is it possible to revert it back to what emacs 21 did -- maybe a customized option or some variable I can set?

Perry Smith
Ease Software, Inc.

Low cost SATA Products for IBMs p5, pSeries, and RS/6000 AIX systems

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