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Re: Problem with .emacs

From: Harold Lee
Subject: Re: Problem with .emacs
Date: 3 Nov 2006 13:47:17 -0800
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Hendrik Bilges wrote:
> I guess I should really learn how to write stuff in .emacs...

I recommend starting emacs and testing Lisp expressions in the
*scratch* buffer (the buffer that comes up by default when emacs starts

Type in an expression and type C-j  (hold control + press j) to
evaluate it. For example, you can type numbers or strings, in addition
to more sophisticated expressions.

(+ 1 2)

If you want to browse the list of functions available to you, try C-h f
(hold control + press h for help, then press f for functions). Then
type TAB and you'll get a completion list of all functions. A lot of
the names are descriptive and give you ideas of things to try out.

For a more formal education, check out the Gnu Emacs Lisp Reference
Manual here:


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