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Re: auctex type a large 'E' problem

From: Fabian Braennstroem
Subject: Re: auctex type a large 'E' problem
Date: 5 Aug 2005 17:26:36 GMT
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Hi David,

On 2005-08-05, David Kastrup <address@hidden> wrote:
>  Fabian Braennstroem <address@hidden> writes:
> > for a while now,  I am having a strange problem typing a
> > large 'E' in LaTeX-mode with auctex. Typing it,
> > auctex/emacs is waiting for a next keystroke; it acts like
> > the Meta key, but without any bound actions.
> >
> > 'C-h-k' waits until there is a second keystroke to say,
> > e.g.: E RET is undefined
> >
> > In Bibtex-mode there is no problem. As far as I remember I
> > didn't change any keysettings on purpose and now, I am not
> > able to find any customization in my emacs-config.
> >
> > Maybe, one of you know where I should take a look at!?
> > Hope, it is not to stupid...
>  Well, you most likely have some key sequence assigned to "\E-x" or
>  similar (\E is not escape, but just an ordinary E!).  To figure out
>  what assignment this could be, type
>  E C-h
>  and you should get a list of possible "completions".  And don't forget
>  to post your _full_ findings here in order to satisfy everybody's
>  curiosity.

Thanks! This helped.

Major Mode Bindings Starting With E:
key             binding
---             -------

E I      Prefix Command

E I T    tempo-template-TeX-verb

I set: 
 (local-set-key "EIT" (tempo-define-template "TeX-verb" '("\begin{verbatim}" r 

Did not see this...

Greetings, Fabian

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