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auctex type a large 'E' problem

From: Fabian Braennstroem
Subject: auctex type a large 'E' problem
Date: 5 Aug 2005 13:29:19 GMT
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for a while now,  I am having a strange problem typing a
large 'E' in LaTeX-mode with auctex. Typing it,
auctex/emacs is waiting for a next keystroke; it acts like
the Meta key, but without any bound actions.

'C-h-k' waits until there is a second keystroke to say,
e.g.: E RET is undefined

In Bibtex-mode there is no problem. As far as I remember I
didn't change any keysettings on purpose and now, I am not
able to find any customization in my emacs-config.

Maybe, one of you know where I should take a look at!?
Hope, it is not to stupid...

Greetings, Fabian

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