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Syntax Highlighting is toooo slow

From: Steven Woody
Subject: Syntax Highlighting is toooo slow
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2005 17:07:06 +0800
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in varity of programming modes such as c-abbrev, c++-mode syntax highlighting
is a kind friend.  but i found these days that my syntax highting act too slow
to make feeling good. it is always when i type in the last half of the
code, the first half of code got colored correctly.  what's the problem?

steven woody (id: narke)

Jesse: You want to know why I wrote that stupid book?
Celine: Why?
Jesse: So that you might come to a reading in Paris and I could walk
up to you and ask, "Where the fuck were you?"
Celine: [laughing] No - you thought I'd be here today?
Jesse: I'm serious. I think I wrote it, in a way, to try to find you.
Celine: Okay, that's - I know that's not true, but that's sweet of you
to say.
Jesse: I think it is true. 

        - Before Sunset (2004)

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