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Re: Syntax Highlighting is toooo slow

From: Steven Woody
Subject: Re: Syntax Highlighting is toooo slow
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2005 01:19:00 +0800
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address@hidden (J. David Boyd) writes:

> Steven Woody <address@hidden> writes:
>> in varity of programming modes such as c-abbrev, c++-mode syntax
>> highlighting is a kind friend.  but i found these days that my syntax
>> highting act too slow to make feeling good. it is always when i type in the
>> last half of the code, the first half of code got colored correctly.  what's
>> the problem?
> Are you using the ctypes functions, and have you defined many of your own
> types?  I've had that slow me down some...

no! i tried a very simple test:

| int main(void) {
|     int i = 0;
|     char *abc = "hello, world";
|     while (i < 100)
|       i++;
|     exit(0);
| }

after i from scatch input all the code above, there is no any color. then i
close the file and re-open it. the color comes up. :(

steven woody (id: narke)

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