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Re: antialiased fonts

From: Rob Wilco
Subject: Re: antialiased fonts
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 19:17:53 +0200
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Has anyone ever seen antialiased font with emacs?  (correlary question : Was I 
drunk when I saw that with a Mandrake distrib?)

I don't get it, why gnome-terminal can do it and emacs can't?

gnome-terminal was written to use GTK for rendering, which in turn
uses the X11 extension APIs for directly drawing antialiased fonts.
Emacs was written to use the plain X11 text drawing API, which does
not support antialiasing.

I googled a bit more, are you talking about xft for the X11 API?

>>What does it takes to make a gtk-aware emacs à la gvim?
> There are various degrees of GTK awareness. The current CVS, which
> will someday be Emacs 22 has GTK widgets (menus, scrollbars etc), but
> does not yet use GTK for drawing the text, since that is a much bigger
> job requiring a complete fork of the display engine.

>> What does it takes to make a gtk-aware emacs à la gvim?
>Get it from CVS, configure it --with-gtk, compile and install it  yourself.

If I follow the precedent post, my emacs would then be gtk-aware but still I 
would have unaliased fonts. Is that it?

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