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Re: Linux version of emacs on WinXP??

From: JS
Subject: Re: Linux version of emacs on WinXP??
Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 23:12:56 +0200

"Stefan Monnier" <address@hidden> skrev i en meddelelse
> > I have tried to install the emacs version for windows but it sucks.
> Just so we get a chance to improve it, could you describe the shortcomings
> you thought made it suck?

Its a matter of taste and habbit I guess.

> > I would like to install the real linux version of emacs on winXP, is
> > that possible?
> Obviously the GNU/Linux version doesn't run on anything else than
> > I have a feeling that I need to install Cygwin but I have no idea wether
> > its possible or how to get started. Hope somone can help!
> There is indeed a cygwin version of Emacs available, which may mimic the
> Unix-behavior better than the native w32 version.  I think if you install
> cygwin (go to the cygwin site and follow the download/install signs)
> be offered to install other packages, among which you should be able to
> choose Emacs.

I have tried that version but it is far form the GNU version

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