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Re: Linux version of emacs on WinXP??

From: Kelly Felkins
Subject: Re: Linux version of emacs on WinXP??
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 19:51:17 +0000 (UTC)
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JS <dsa <at>> writes:

> "Stefan Monnier" <monnier <at>> skrev i en meddelelse
> <at>
> > > I have tried to install the emacs version for windows but it sucks.
> >
> > Just so we get a chance to improve it, could you describe the shortcomings
> > you thought made it suck?
> Its a matter of taste and habbit I guess.
> > > I would like to install the real linux version of emacs on winXP, is
> > > that possible?
> >
> > Obviously the GNU/Linux version doesn't run on anything else than
> GNU/Linux.
> >
> > > I have a feeling that I need to install Cygwin but I have no idea wether
> > > its possible or how to get started. Hope somone can help!
> >
> > There is indeed a cygwin version of Emacs available, which may mimic the
> > Unix-behavior better than the native w32 version.  I think if you install
> > cygwin (go to the cygwin site and follow the download/install signs)
> you'll
> > be offered to install other packages, among which you should be able to
> > choose Emacs.
> I have tried that version but it is far form the GNU version

The x enabled version of emacs on cygwin is quite nice and I use it
all the time. There are a couple small hurdles to overcome, but they
are really small.

1) install cygwin and emacs. There is lots of useful information on
   this at (check the users guides for cygwin and cygwin-x,
   and the mailing list archives), but I also have perhaps more
   succinct instructions at

2) Once you are running cygwin emacs (note, I'm not talking about
   nt-emacs) the file system looks somewhat like *nix (or
   linux). Cygwin creates the file system under the cygwin install
   directory. Often you want to open a file somewhere else, like in
   the root of c: (c:/). To get there, in cygwin, and therefore cygwin
   emacs, you would open /cygdrive/c...

Really very simple. Works great. Enjoy.


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