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Re: how to not show images?

From: Joe Corneli
Subject: Re: how to not show images?
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 16:53:23 -0500

       > Is there some way to _not_ show the images in a buffer or in all 
       > buffers - that is, not to remove them, but to simply not display them
       > (perhaps temporarily)?
       > I'm looking for a user option (e.g. `show-images-flag') or a toggle 
       > (e.g. M-x toggle-image-display).

       emacs -nw

   Uh, that's a bit overkill, dontcha think?

It is (sort of) a user option and (sort of) a toggle command.  If you
had said that you wanted to run an X-enabled Emacs, than yes, it would
have been overkill, and off topic to boot.  You could have even put

  how to not show images in X-enabled Emacs


  how to toggle images in X-enabled Emacs

in your subject line if you were feeling paranoid.  As it is, I
wouldn't blame your correspondent for coming up with this suggestion.

This is untested, but what happens if you redefine


to return nil, reload the content you were looking at, and then define
it back to normal and reload again?  You could also try

| remove-images is a compiled Lisp function in `image'.
| (remove-images start end &optional buffer)
| Remove images between start and end in buffer.
| Remove only images that were put in buffer with calls to `put-image'.
| buffer nil or omitted means use the current buffer.

These ideas where found via apropos.  It seems to me from the apropos
results that toggling images is not directly supported.

To make your request for information still more specific, you could
run apropos to find things like `display-images-p' and `remove-images'
and then say why you don't like them (assuming that you don't).  You
could include more information about the specific sorts of buffers you
want to toggle images in, and what might happen in these buffers in
between toggle operations.  You could state your ideas or question
about a work around or ask for help with code.

Generally speaking, the more specific your messages (at whatever
level), the more likely it is that people will be able to help you.

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