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Re: how to not show images?

From: Klaus Berndl
Subject: Re: how to not show images?
Date: 19 May 2005 18:36:55 +0200
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maybe `auto-image-file-mode' is what you want?


On Thu, 19 May 2005, Drew Adams wrote:

>      > Is there some way to _not_ show the images in a buffer or in all
>  displayed
>      > buffers - that is, not to remove them, but to simply not display them
>      > (perhaps temporarily)?
>      >
>      > I'm looking for a user option (e.g. `show-images-flag') or a toggle
>  command
>      > (e.g. M-x toggle-image-display).
>      emacs -nw
>  Uh, that's a bit overkill, dontcha think?
>  I want regular Emacs, with window-manager support and all the rest,
>  including image display in general. I just want to be able to toggle
>  display of images on and off. Just as one can do in a Web browser.
>  What about this am I not expressing clearly? What about "user option" and
>  "toggle command" is unclear enough to elicit a response like "emacs -nw"?
>  If the answer is "there is no such feature" yet, that's OK. I'll then
>  suggest to emacs-devel that we add such toggling. For now, I'm just trying
>  to see if this exists.

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