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Re: setting default value

From: David Reitter
Subject: Re: setting default value
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 05:46:49 +0100

Stefan Monnier wrote:

> In a site init file, I'm trying to set different default values for stuff
> like 'blink-cursor-mode'.

> (setq-default blink-cursor-mode t)
> (blink-cursor-mode blink-cursor-mode)

Now this piece of code is bizarre. Are you trying to check for corner-case
bugs or was there a particular reason why you didn't just do

  (blink-cursor-mode t)

Oh that's what I did first, but it seems to set blink-cursor mode but not allow for further changes using the Options menu (and Save Options).

And that's my problem - no matter what I do.

Remember that I need to do this in a site-init file. The individual user is going to have an option in the menu bar that can be toggled (this is default). It is, however, only saved to .emacs if it is different from the default (which, I thought, would be in the standard-value property of blink-cursor-mode). If I just hardwire blink-cursor-mode to be enabled, and the user disables it, no entry gets saved to .emacs, with the result that blink-cursor-mode is back to enabled mode after the next restart.

So again my question: how do I manipulate the default choice of a (customizable) variable?

- D

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