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setting default value

From: David Reitter
Subject: setting default value
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 08:44:23 +0100

In a site init file, I'm trying to set different default values for stuff like 'blink-cursor-mode'.

(setq-default blink-cursor-mode t)
(blink-cursor-mode blink-cursor-mode)

However, if I then select a different setting (i.e. blink-cursor mode nil) and save the customizations (Options/Save Options), this setting is not saved.

No I think this is because menu-bar-options-save doesn't notice that the standard value for blink-cursor-mode is supposed to be different, so it doesn't bother saving the current value.

Therefore, I tried to do this in my site init file:

(put 'blink-cursor-mode 'standard-value t)

However, it has absolutely no effect. That's because the customized-value property of blink-cursor-mode simply isn't set correctly when blink-cursor-mode changes. Theoretically, customize-mark-as-set should take care of that, checking the standard-value property. That's why I tried to set it.

Why does this not work???

Thanks for your help!

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