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Re: use of special-event-map

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: use of special-event-map
Date: Sun, 08 May 2005 22:12:01 -0400
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>     The `iconify-frame' event is just informing that the frame has
>     been iconified.

> That answers my question. The event indicates that iconification has
> occurred, not that the "minimize" button was clicked.

> That's the info I was missing - thanks for it. I didn't know at what point
> Emacs received a window-manager event for this. I found no explanation of
> special events like [iconify-frame] in such terms. I tried to follow the
> code that deals with this event (in parts of w32term.c, xterm.c, frame.c,
> and keyboard.c), but this wasn't clear to me.

Well, I'm just guessing.  But the reason why iconification should not be
overridable is that window managers with workspaces actually implement the
"workspaces" by iconifying/deiconifying windows as you move from one
workspace to another.


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