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Re: use of special-event-map

From: Michael Cadilhac
Subject: Re: use of special-event-map
Date: Sat, 07 May 2005 02:42:26 +0200
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"Drew Adams" <address@hidden> writes:

> Another question about use of `special-event-map' - consider this code:
> (define-key special-event-map [iconify-frame] 'toto)
> (defun foo ()
>   (interactive)
>   (let ((binding (lookup-key special-event-map [iconify-frame])))
>     (define-key special-event-map [iconify-frame] 'ignore-event)
>     (iconify-frame)
>     (define-key special-event-map [iconify-frame] binding)))
> (defun toto (event)
>   (interactive "e")
>   (message "TOTO"))
> When I try M-x foo, `toto' gets executed, even though `foo' tries to remove
> its binding. Same thing happens if I use `nil' instead of `ignore-event'.
> Explanation? Any way around this? That is, is there some way I can inhibit
> the binding of [iconify-frame] for the duration of command foo?

  Hi !

  Mhhh, don't know if it works in any case (using Ion, iconify doesn't
  make much sense), but, well... Try this:

(defun foo ()
  (while (not (input-pending-p))
    (sit-for 1))

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