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Re: One handed Emacs

From: Jeffrey L. Greer
Subject: Re: One handed Emacs
Date: Thu, 05 May 2005 01:40:21 GMT
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I am on the assistive technology committee for my school district. I
have tested a number of one handed keyboards. The best one I have seen
is called the Frog Pad manufactured by a small company in Houston, TX.
They sell right and left handed models. It takes some getting used to
but seemed to be a good solution. NASA is experimenting with it. It is
useful for aviators. They can velcro it to their thigh and use it for
one handed data entry. The computer sees it as just another PC
compatible keyboard so it should work with emacs. Check it out at:


rgb wrote:
> A co-worker of mine is disabled and only has use of
> his right hand.  He's never used any advanced editor
> so isn't already biased towards any keyboard layout
> beyond basic qwerty.  Has anyone developed an Emacs
> layout more convenient to learn.
> The standard layout has most of the most heavily
> used chords on the left hand which would make
> learning Emacs quite difficult.
> If it makes a difference, this is on a Windows system
> and I believe he does not use the stickey keys feature.

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