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Re: Using <apps> as a modifier key?

From: Ian Zimmerman
Subject: Re: Using <apps> as a modifier key?
Date: 15 Apr 2005 21:13:29 -0700
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Mathias> I'd love to have an extra modifier key that I can use together
Mathias> with the full range of "normal" keys to bind new commands.

Mathias> Maybe this is not possible at all, maybe those keys are,
Mathias> hardware-wise, special?

rgb> I don't believe the <apps> key is any different than function keys,
rgb> the arrow keys etc.  <C-apps>, <S-M-apps> etc can all be mapped.
rgb> It's a convenient prefix key which is why I use it for C-x & C-c.
rgb> I'm pretty sure applications aren't normally notified when
rgb> modifier-keys are pressed.  They are only informed of the state of
rgb> the modifier-flags-word when a non-modifier key is pressed.

I don't think it's a function of the hardware, but I think some keycodes
are "more equal" to X than others.  For example, my laptop has two extra
"Next Window" and "Previous Window" keys in the lower right corner.
I have no trouble setting them as Mod3 and Mod5 via xmodmap, but for
the life of me I cannot set them up as independent keysyms.

This could have something to do with Xkb, a subject on which I am
completely ignorant.  Xperts out there?

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